Technologies & Integrations

Innovative technologies to meet the needs of an ever-changing business

Technologies & Integrations

Innovative technologies to meet the needs of an ever-changing business

Flexible deployment
to guarantee the best option all the time


Akeron cloud


24/7 Access
from anywhere
in the world


power and number
of accesses


Continuously updated
and optimised infrastructure
and software


Cutting-edge disaster
recovery procedures


Total safety
on data and accesses


Akeron on premise

The same solutions are available on premise as well,
in order to meet each customer's needs and requirements.

Full and fast integration
with any ERP, CRM, BI, HCM, CPM or corporate Payroll system

Each data model can be expanded and customised based on the unique characteristics of your company. At the same time, significant time savings and the elimination of manual entry errors are ensured thanks to the automation of all data imported into our system.

The best performance is ensured
by industry-leading technology partners


“Customers can benefit from HR, Finance and Sales solutions thanks to Akeron’s opportunity to leverage SAP HANA through combining a rich set of features and the best in-memory technology on the market.”

Stephan Kösters,
SAP Vice President of Sales, Software Solution Partners, EMEA South & MEE

Thanks to the integration with SAP HANA, Akeron guarantees its customers an unprecedented data processing speed, combined with cutting-edge and real-time analysis capabilities.

Thanks to SAP HANA, Akeron solutions guarantee Real-Time or Near-Real-Time communication with other SAP applications. The benefits are even more significant for all those customers who have adopted S/4HANA as their ERP and SAP HANA as their data platform. In this case, in fact, they can benefit from a technology alignment which involves a reduction in the skills required to run the data management infrastructure, in addition to simplifying the overall integration of data and applications.

Thanks to tools such as pattern recognition and predictive analysis intrinsically available in SAP HANA, the functions of our solutions can be expanded in the field of advanced analytics and, in wider terms, Akeron will open up to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Dashboard and advanced reporting.
Create innovative data experiences and take full advantage of the interaction of interfaces to get fast and timely answers to your questions.


As SAP technology partner, we have developed specific optimised dashboards for each of our software. In this way, our customers will be able to use advanced analytics tools soon after they finish the existing standard reporting in each of our solutions.


The leading platform for the Cloud

Thanks to Azure, distributing computing services becomes fully flexible and scalable, thus resulting into a solution actually determined based on your requirements. Furthermore, Azure gives access to an efficient platform that is constantly updated and can guarantee savings on operating costs that have to be managed.


Advanced business intelligence

Microsoft BI platform offers your company full and immediate access to all relevant information by easily integrating heterogeneous data sources in a sole solution. Power BI also permits that all the players involved can share the same reports and analyses, each playing their part. In addition, we have developed specific dashboards for Microsoft BI that are optimised for each of our software. Make the most of your data!