Our services, committed to your success.
Design, Configuration, Support, Training

Our services, committed to your success.
Design, Configuration, Support, Training


and Training Services

From design to project go live, quickly and efficiently. This is the motto of our consultants in every Akeron software implementation process. In carrying out their activities, they combine process knowledge with specific technical product skills, and this allows them to manage projects in companies of every sector, size and complexity. The implementation phase is completed with specific training plans built around the needs of each single user. In this way, the customer becomes truly independent in the use of all our software solutions.


Managed Services

A partner at your service. Our consulting team accompanies customers in the evolution of their business, providing maintenance levels that are always geared towards the highest levels of productivity and safety. In doing this, the team makes available to each customer all the product innovations, always one step ahead of the market.



The support team solves problems: from the simplest to the most complex need. Our support service is made up of specialised teams segmented on each software. Teams’ activity addresses all the aspects of each problem, guided by the «never stopping» logic until the customer’s final goal is attained and he is 100% satisfied.



Training, Voice of the Customer, Meeting, Networking in a pleasantly informal dimension, immersed in the Tuscan countryside near Lucca, to create value by developing an exchange relationship between our customers and the experts of the Akeron team. It is a house of ideas worth discovering to create new successful projects together.

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