Trade Promotion for Retailers

Plan the success of trade promotions. Simplify the way they are managed

Take full advantage of the potentials of the trade promotion agreements signed with your vendors, and consolidate your position in the market.

Ensure your company gets the maximum benefit at all times.

How Bolton saved 50 % of time spent on trade promotion and reducede related administrative costs by 20%

Randstad ottimizza la gestione di tutti gli immobili aziendali

Un motore di calcolo potente e flessibile per gestire in modo efficiente ogni modello di retribuzione variabile.
Definisci i piani incentivi ottimali senza farti condizionare da rigidità e limiti tecnologici

6 segnali di avvertimento che la tua soluzione per gestire le promozioni non è più adeguata

What to expect, instantly

Main features

Control in order to plan better

Historical data is analysed and the profit margins of each new trade promotion is estimated before signing it.

Data are segmented by supplier, product or type of trade promotion, and key information is extracted to maximise investment return.

Put trade promotion in the hands of your buyers but without losing control

Workflow is simplified by allowing each buyer to enter individual promotional agreements with their suppliers through a sound and effective approval process.

Automated calculations and rules to manage agreements regardless of how complex they are

The platform manages the allocation of contractual clauses on the different active channels in the system in a simple and fast manner.

Automatically and without any constraints as regards complexity, it calculates:

  • accruals, settlement proposals, credit notes and their deadlines
  • costs and revenues of the year
  • accruals and deferrals

A single solution to manage the entire life cycle of agreements and trade promotions

Every stage of the trade promotion is tracked- from initial entry to settlement and allocation in the balance sheet, thus ensuring fast and comprehensive responses to any queries from suppliers or corporate audit.

The choice of leading companies

Optimising trade promotion management: the success of Bolton Group

How Bolton has cut down times and costs of trade promotion management.

“…Over time, a real partnership with Akeron has been created thanks to a reliable and innovative software that meets to the needs of our group worldwide…”

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