How to improve Sales Performance?

How to improve territory, quota and incentive compensation planning and management with a Sales Performance Management (SPM) solution? A proven solution that fills the gaps of ERP, CRM and HRM systems in an automated and easy way.

Gartner defines a Sales Performance Management (solution as a suite of operational and analytical functions that automate and unite back-office operational sales processes, implemented to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness.


SPM core capabilities include incentive compensation management (ICM), territory management and quota management. Many sales operations are struggling with the mechanics to define territories, quotas and compensation plans for sellers and other staff with a variable compensation.


According to Gartner Research many sales operations and
sales representatives don’t reach their target revenue and assigned quotas.
At the same time the average tenure of sellers is 1.8 years and of sales management 3.8 years. This is destroying human capital investments in sales. Furthermore, based on research from the Alexander Group, even the best sales organizations get only 40 percent of seller time in front of customers.
So every hour counts. In this whitepaper the symptoms, underlying problem hindering sales performance, and therefore business performance, and what can be done about it is described.


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