Successfully manage all the Group’s rental and
leasing contracts on a global scale

Prada S.p.A. is a global leader in the luxury goods industry and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.The Group produces and distributes luxury leather goods,footwear and apparel through its brands: Prada, Miu Miu, Church’s and Car Shoe.The Group also operates in the food sector with Marchesi 1824, and in the eyewear and fragrance sectors under licensing agreements.


“…It used to take us up to 5 days closing just to get all data harmonized! Without an integrated and ready to go solution, every month we would have had to resort to laborious and time-consuming standardisation and error checking processes of heterogeneous spreadsheets coming from each individual region, with high risks of making mistakes….”
Elena Martinelli
Prada Group Project Manager


Prada has to standardise the management of recurring passive and active contracts (the latter to a lesser extent) throughout the Group; and chose Akeron RCM solution to fix this complex challenge. The decision resulted in significant and specific process benefits:

ERP checking and data gathering times

Manual processing of accruals and deferrals

Data managed directly within the system

Perfect and automatic correspondence between contractual and accounting data

…Thanks to Akeron RCM we have reduced the feeding times of the corporate ERP of the entire Group by 50%… and thanks to the automation and the optimization of the process, we have refocused the activity of the responsible offices from a quantitative to a quality-oriented management…

Elena Martinelli
Prada Group Project Manager

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