Grandi Stazioni Retail optimises the management of 770 commercial units:

Akeron RE was selected by Grandi Stazioni Retail (GSR) as the solution for managing the leasing contracts for all the commercial units, as part of a larger project aimed at improving the company’s real estate assets management. This decision brought about important benefits that were impossible until a short time before:

The Challenge


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““…Managing real estate assets and their commercial contracts called for a thorough review and streamlining. The processes implemented were based on SAP RE, but too often we had to face lengthy, manual processing and extra-system data retrieval. It took us long hours just to consolidate the data sources for key analyses such as Rent Roll ones…”

Paolo Scaramuzzino GS Retail | IT Manager


A sole, complete and shared contract repository was created

Data and processes are 100% secure

A solid database for real estate Rent Roll analyses was created

100% Complex contractual clauses are managed by the system

“…Akeron RE has been a key factor in our major project to restructure the way we manage contracts and real estate assets. Akeron RE has become the master of all our real estate contracts as it ensures a comprehensive control over the key elements underpinning the success of our company…”


Paolo Scaramuzzino

GS Retail | IT Manager

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