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Take control of your company’s real estate management

The entire life cycle of the corporate properties is efficiently managed by overseeing each resulting process and obligation in the best possible way

Randstad ottimizza la gestione di tutti gli immobili aziendali

Un motore di calcolo potente e flessibile per gestire in modo efficiente ogni modello di retribuzione variabile.
Definisci i piani incentivi ottimali senza farti condizionare da rigidità e limiti tecnologici

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Main features

Comprehensive contract management of each rental or leasing contract

Each real estate unit and its rental contracts are registered through key technical, economic, fiscal and administrative factors. Furthermore, the set of information is enriched with the annexed documents always available for the users. Each contract can be thus managed throughout each of the different stages of its life cycle.

Solid management of all accounting and administrative obligations

Every administrative implication deriving from real estate management (e.g., registration of the lessors’ invoices, calculation of accruals and deferrals, issuing of electronic invoices, etc.) is internally processed by the software thanks to simple and fully automated procedures. Even complex contract types, such as sales-based contracts, are easily covered by the module for the benefit of the offices involved.

Automated calculation and payment of taxes

The taxes can be automatically calculated and their returns generated by the system without using any external applications. At the same time, the earnings generated can be prepared for payment to accounting and paid to the tax office via F24 or CBI.

Strategic support to assess budgets and forecasts

Making full use of important simulation analysis functions, offices can assess new contractual hypotheses. Furthermore, all the economic flows generated within the software are duly consolidated and integrated into the broader corporate budget and forecast processes.

The choice of leading companies

Grandi Stazioni Retail optimises the management of 770 commercial units

How Akeron software made it possible to take full control of all the company’s real estate contracts

“…Akeron RCM has been a key factor in our major project to restructure the way we manage contracts and real estate assets. Akeron RE has become the master of all our real estate contracts as it ensures a comprehensive control over the key elements underpinning the success of our company…”

Paolo Scaramuzzino | IT Manager

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