Contract Management

Optimise the management of all recurring contracts

Ensure efficient management of supply, rental and leasing contracts for all the resources that are essential to the success of your company.

Control all processes and obligations derived from the contracts, and forget about how complex they may be.

Randstad ottimizza la gestione di tutti gli immobili aziendali

Un motore di calcolo potente e flessibile per gestire in modo efficiente ogni modello di retribuzione variabile.
Definisci i piani incentivi ottimali senza farti condizionare da rigidità e limiti tecnologici

6 segnali di avvertimento che la tua soluzione per gestire le promozioni non è più adeguata

What to expect, instantly

Main features

It provides an integrated vision on heterogeneous assets and multiple contractual forms

All the offices involved have access to a single management platform. Each contract is managed, at each stage, through a standardised and traceable workflow with each counterpart.

Obligations and maturities are under control all the time

The system permits checking that all suppliers’ invoices are correct as well as the issuance and registration of invoices or credit notes to customers. Each obligation is managed by means of a reference schedule according to the terms and methods set by each and every contractual clause.

Automated calculation of economic impacts and accounting implications

The accounting management of the company’s supply, rental, leasing and hire contracts can reach significant levels of complexity. The module has been specifically developed to simplify and automate:

  • both active and passive invoicing
  • payments
  • allocation and closing of statutory management

A central repository for all recurring contracts

The software provides the entire company with a structured, up-to-date repository of all the company’s recurring contracts and their related document attachments.

The choice of leading companies

Successfully manage all the Group's rental and leasing contracts on a global scale

How Prada was able to cut management times by 50% and to reduce manual processing of financial statements to 0

“…Thanks to Akeron we have reduced the feeding times of the corporate ERP of the entire Group by 50%… and thanks to the automation and the optimization of the process, we have refocused the activity of the responsible offices from a quantitative to a quality-oriented management…”

Elena Martinelli | Prada Group Project Manager

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