Manage players and coaching staff contracts and get the
most out of every transfer window

Manage players and coaching staff contracts and get the
most out of every transfer window

The leading software to support sports clubs in the crucial times of each sale transaction Fulfill, in a comprehensive manner, the accounting and administrative implications of each contract that is signed.

What to expect, instantly


Up to 90% fewer operational errors


Automated calculation
of bonuses


Up to 50% less time to enter a new contract

Flexible logics to meet every calculation requirement

The bonus achievement criteria can be defined in the system without complex limits and in a simple way by means of intuitive functions.

Official and regulatory reporting with just a few clicks

The software supports sports clubs in the processes of periodic generation of official, regulatory and internal reports (COVISOC, Financial Fair Play, etc.).

Comprehensive economic management

All the economic flows deriving from the transfer of a player are managed in just one place: salary, commissions for agents and attorneys, amortisation, collections and payments, options and counter-options, solidarity fees and FIFA training compensation.

Strategic support for impact analyses

The solution is used by sports directors and CFOs as information support to evaluate, in real time, the consistency of the different operations such as sales, loans, purchases, etc.

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Detailed features

– simplified management of players’ contracts
– a single dashboard to see all player’s contracts history
– automatic calculation of all double-entry transactions based on contracts (both current and simulated)

Different budget scenarios can be easily set up and compared, and official budgets and forecasts can consistently feed the system.

The software can automatically calculate the achievement of bonuses and options. The internal planning tool can import variables from external sources and can send email alerts when the bonus is reached.

– automatic data stream to budget & forecast platforms
– forecast analyses
– what-if simulations
– integration with the main business BI tools (Microsoft BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, etc.)

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