Akeron CM is the solution that companies such as Prada, Cremonini and Sol Group use in order to optimise the whole process to manage rental and leasing contracts of their Groups.

Is the management of rental or leasing contracts not aligned with accounting reporting needs?

Manage all relevant contract and accounting information from a single interface: Akeron CM software. In this way, updates and calculations can be processed in a short time to meet the multiple requirements to which these assets are subject.

Are system management processes resource intensive? Do you often need to use manual entries?

Akeron CM can feed the transactional system, instantly or after validation, with the appropriate accounting operation derived from each contract entered. Furthermore, Akeron’s solution can automatically calculate the accruals and deferrals necessary to prepare periodic financial statements.

Is communication among different representatives difficult and disorganised?

Akeron on-cloud CM ensures that all players involved can take part, at all times and no matter where they are. The consolidated infrastructure of Akeron CM ensures uniform definition and management for a wide range of contracts (rental, leasing, etc.) and assets (real estate, vehicles, industrial machinery, office equipment, consultancy, etc.).

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