AKERON has signed a strategic partnership with SAP to integrate SAP HANA® into all of its platform solutions.

Lucca, 20 May 2020,

“With the Akeron platform able to take advantage of SAP HANA, customers can benefit from solutions in the Sales and HR area, combining a rich set of features with the best in-memory technology on the market.”

Stephan Kösters, SAP Vice President of Sales, Software Solution Partners, EMEA South & MEE

“Today’s announcement confirms Akeron’s ongoing commitment to providing solutions to its customers based on state-of-the-art technology to meet the changing needs of the ever-changing business.”

Manuel Vellutini, Strategic Advisor di Akeron.

The benefits for customers will be considerable:

Never again compromises between the need for fast processing and the management of an ever-increasing amount of data

211 / 1024Thanks to the integration with SAP HANA®, Akeron will be able to guarantee its customers unprecedented data processing speed, combined with state-of-the-art, real-time analysis capabilities.

Real-Time or Near-Real-Time access to external SAP data sources

Thanks to SAP HANA®, Akeron solutions can offer integration of data from external SAP sources in Real-Time or Near-Real-Time, ensuring an ideal dialogue between Akeron solutions and other SAP applications, especially those using SAP HANA® as backend.

Increased IT process efficiency for Akeron solutions installed on-premise

The benefits are even greater for all those customers who have decided to adopt S/4HANA® as their ERP: in this case, they can benefit from a technological alignment that not only simplifies the overall integration of data and applications, but also reduces the skills required for the administration of the data management infrastructure.

Future opportunities to develop Advanced Analytics functionality using the tools provided by SAP HANA® as a platform.

Thanks to tools such as pattern recognition and predictive analysis natively available in SAP HANA® it will be possible to extend the functionality of Akeron solutions in advanced analytics and, more generally, opening Akeron to the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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