Akeron and Nubess join forces and become a single company while opening their shareholding to financial partner White Bridge to accelerate growth and development


Lucca (Italy), February 11, 2022: Akeron and Nubess, two fast-growing companies in the software industry, are creating the “Level Up” project by joining forces and establishing a new software company that will retain the Akeron name.

The “Level Up” project was born with a clear intent: to build a joint industrial path that takes advantage of the entrepreneurial experience and international success of the management team.

Akeron partners Manuel Vellutini and Marco Pierallini, together with Simone Bartalesi, founding partner of Nubess, and the other partners of their respective shareholdings, have also decided to involve a financial partner such as White Bridge, which had already accompanied Manuel and Marco in the growth of Tagetik.

The new Akeron now employs 130 people and offers modern software applications to more than 400 clients in every sector and of every size: from leading Italian names such as Intesa Sanpaolo, Decathlon, Bolton Group, Prada and Cressi Sub to small and medium-sized businesses.

The new Akeron’s “Level up” project aims to create in Lucca a district of international excellence in the development of modern software applications, continuing and extending the path already taken a few years ago by Tagetik, today a world leader in solutions for the CFO’s office. Akeron’s aim is to cooperate with local entities including Tagetik itself, but also with university institutions and schools of Higher Specialisation from which to draw talent and professional skills.

Akeron wants to offer the new generations a real and concrete opportunity for local growth, to put to use the specialised skills acquired during their studies, having the chance to do so while remaining in Lucca but with the great opportunity to get acquainted and live constantly in contact with the international scene.

So what is Akeron’s business? Akeron is confirming its vocation, that of offering software solutions of excellence on the global scene: modern applications developed by industry experts that help increase productivity, manage and improve business performance by putting people at the centre.

The areas we focus on are: sales performance and process management, commercial and promotional contract management for the consumer and retail sectors and finally the management of automation of project businesses.


“By combining Akeron and Nubess, we are creating the Level Up project.” explain Vellutini and Pierallini, co-CEOs of the new company. “We borrowed this term, level up, from the world of gaming, where the concept we want to express is that of raising our level thanks to experience. The merger of the Akeron and Nubess’ businesses and the entry of a financial partner such as White Bridge will allow us to provide our industrial path with the financial solidity required to support an ambitious outlook of growth, in Italy and worldwide, intercepting more and more young talents and the outstanding elements of our territory. We trust that this will be both a great growth opportunity for our teams and an advantage for our clients, who will have a broader portfolio of solutions and an even better service.”


“White Bridge’s operation is intended to support Akeron’s development in the coming years both in Italy and abroad. We know Manuel and Marco well, having worked closely with them at Tagetik: in every way, they and Akeron represent an example of technological excellence on the Italian scene. We are convinced that, thanks to the strong specialisation and know-how gained over the years, together with White Bridge’s experience and network, the new Akeron will be able to further strengthen its position in the software solutions sector and become another successful company in the world,” comments Marco Pinciroli, President and CEO of White Bridge Investments.

Akeron Srl, www.akeron.com develops modern applications that increase productivity, manage and improve business performance and put people at the centre of processes. Based in Lucca, Italy, Akeron Srl has more than 400 clients in every sector and of every size, ranging from leading Italian names such as Intesa Sanpaolo, Decathlon, Bolton Group, Prada and Cressi Sub to small and medium-sized companies.

White Bridge Investments is an equity holding specialized in investments in Italian companies with a high growth potential, able to become consolidation platforms in their sectors. Since it was founded in 2013, White Bridge Investments has completed 32 investments – 12 direct investments and a further 20 in add-ons for its own portfolio companies.


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