January 19, 2021

Do you have to manage a complex incentive plan that requires hundreds of calculations?

Companies from all kinds of economic sectors that manage variable incentives for their staff regard Akeron IC as a powerful tool that supports the entire process -from the compensation model to the calculation of KPIs and the relevant variable.

The solution, based on a scalable processing engine and a solid data structure, automates the most onerous operations and actually eliminates any possible mistake attributable to manual data entry.

Do you have to meet tight deadline for issuing periodic incentives but processing as well as related activities take long hours of work?

Akeron IC is so designed to optimise the interaction among the different corporate players involved, within a uniform and shared data flow. In this way, inefficient data exchanges and transcoding are eliminated for good.

To further reduce the issuing time, Akeron IC can be integrated to ERP, CPM, CRM and HCM systems already existing in the company.

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