February 09, 2021

Take Akeron TP, a cutting-edge solution for the complex management of discounts and promotional fees, and integrate it with SAP HANA®, a database and processing platform with unprecedented in-memory processing speeds.

The result?

Management of Trade Promotion at the highest levels of efficiency, able not only to meet the needs of your company today, but also to guarantee the sustainability of this activity in the years to come.


Do you and your team often have to reconcile the need for fast and timely processing with the management of an ever-increasing amount of data?

Thanks to the integration of Akeron TP with SAP HANA®, you can manage new high-speed transactions and analyze the same data at the same time without any loss of efficiency. The platform’s in-memory processing capabilities permanently eliminate latencies and delays that can cause frustration for users regardless of the workload involved.

Do data analysis tools and business intelligence take up a significant amount of your time and that of your team?

The SAP platform is able to natively support a large amount of tools to support advanced analysis. Among them:

  • pattern recognition
  • predictive analysis
  • geospatial analysis
  • data streaming in real time

In addition to offering powerful new tools to support business decisions, you and your team will only have to configure these features to meet the real needs of users.

Do you have as one of your goals the continuous optimization of the overall costs of the IT infrastructure and its resources?

This partnership between Akeron and SAP is even more valuable for all those customers who have decided to switch to SAP HANA® as the basis of their ERP: in this case, they will benefit from a technological alignment that, in addition to simplifying the overall integration of data and applications, will lead to significant infrastructure and management savings.

This option will also allow efficiency gains in the management of the database up to 29% compared to the solution adopted previously.

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