Plan the success of trade promotions,
simplify their management

Plan the success of trade promotions,
simplify their management

The solution for

Find out how to guide sales channels so that your company’s targets and profits are attained. Plan, monitor and realize every single trade promotion agreement, in an efficient and accurate way.

The solution for

Take full advantage of the potentials of the trade promotion agreements signed with your vendors, and consolidate your position in the market. Ensure your company gets the maximum benefit at all times.

What to expect, instantly


Up to 50% less time to enter
a new contract


Up to 20% savings
on administrative


Up to 5% improvement
in trade promotion-related
sales margins

The right promotion,
in the right place,
at the right time

Before each agreement, detailed analyses can be carried out in order to select only what has really benefited the company. Then, each trade promotion activity can be programmed in order to maximise sales and investment returns.

Just one place
to manage each stage of
the promotion

All the offices involved have access to a single management platform. Each agreement is managed, at each stage, through a standardised and traceable workflow with every internal and external representative.

Automated calculations
and rules to manage

The platform manages the allocation of contractual clauses on the different active channels in the system, in a simple and fast manner. It calculates accrued sums and the settlement proposals of each agreement automatically and without any constraints as regards complexity.

Full visibility on the actual and
forecast progress of each

Detailed analyses (by business entity, segment, product, etc.) can be carried out at any time to monitor the progress of each promotional activity. The software can be also used to generate useful estimates for correct allocation of resources in the coming months.

Some of the companies that have already chosen Akeron TP

A software that can satisfy
the requirements of all the departments involved



What is the impact of the agreement being entered?

How far away are my goals?

What are the trade promotion activities that have the best margins?

Are there any customers to focus on?



What liquidation proposals do I need to manage today?

Should I request any payments?

Are there any new invoices to record?

Can accruals be properly calculated?



How much is the difference between the promotion budget and accrued sums to date?

Are there any structural dynamics not foreseen during planning?

What is the profitability resulting from our trade promotion?

What are the economic competences generated by the promotions of the system?

Detailed features

All the agreements and their annexes in just one place…and always available for the different offices involved.

All contracts can be entered directly by the sales force. Once in the system, the contracts are managed by the appointed users of each process.

– companies and business groups
– delivery points
– customers and related chains of command
– items for sale and their groups
– sales force
– dimensions to support the accounting process
– bespoke dimensions

– conditional and unconditional
– based on targets achieved, increases compared to a previous period, product stock, etc.
– access conditions and multidimensional KPIs
– by quantity, prices, reference number
– by percentage, absolute value or fixed number
– assignment of clauses per uniform groups
– automatic corrections applied based on seasonality
– definition of discretionary or one-time clauses

– calculation of costs and revenues and related maturities
– issuing of liquidation proposals and credit notes
– calculation of accruals and deferrals of the year
– integration with corporate ERP, CPM and CRM plus import/export event schedule

– Profitability analysis for all system dimensions (customer, product, campaign, etc.)
– Forecast analyses
– What-if simulations
– Integration of the main business BI tools (Microsoft BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, etc.)

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