Take control of the management of
your company's real estate

Take control of the management of
your company's real estate

The leading solution to manage the entire life cycle of corporate properties

Ensure an efficient management of all the related processes and obligations.

What to expect, instantly


Up to 90% less
time to enter

a new contract


Up to 20% savings
on administrative


No more
unexpected maturities
or not estimated risks

Comprehensive management of each rental or leasing contract

Each real estate unit and its rental contracts are registered through key technical, economic, fiscal and administrative factors. Furthermore, the set of information is enriched with the annexed documents, always available for the users. Each contract can be thus managed throughout each of the different stages of its life cycle.

Solid management of all accounting and administrative obligations

Every administrative implication deriving from real estate management (e.g. registration of the lessors’ invoices, calculation of accruals and deferrals, issuing of electronic invoices, etc.) is internally processed by the software thanks to fully automated procedures.

Automated calculation and assessment of

The IUC (Italian municipal tax) and its declaration can be automatically calculated by the system without using any external applications. At the same time, the earnings generated can be prepared for payment to accounting and paid to the tax office via F24 or CBI.

Strategic support for budget and forecast assessments

Making full use of important simulation analysis functions, users can assess new contractual hypotheses. Furthermore, all the economic flows generated within the software are duly consolidated and integrated into the broader corporate budget and forecast processes.

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A software that can satisfy
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What maturities do I have to manage today?

Does the lessor’s invoice correspond to what is contractually expected?

Is it necessary to evaluate again the expected and received taxable income?



What are the impacts of the renegotiations of fees that have recently taken place?

Are there any structural dynamics not foreseen during planning?

What are the economic competences generated by the rental and leasing contracts in the system?



Are there any safeguard clauses concerning customer’s non-fulfilment?

What are the impacts of non-renewal?

Which contracts are subject to IFRS16? How were they managed?

Which contracts are subject to IFRS16? How were they managed?

Detailed features

Each real estate unit, their contracts and annexed documents are represented within the software along the fundamental technical, economic, fiscal and administrative features. The same applies to all the resulting contractual and administrative operations.

Each contract managed by the system requires the timely and effective control of its characteristic periodic tasks, from the initial agreement to its termination.

Each real estate unit is exhaustively analysed and defined within hierarchies that are freely configurable. At the same time, a full range of contractual clauses is available in the system, as well as consolidated procedures to manage all obligations and the main communications with each single counterpart.

– calculation of costs and revenues and related maturities
– calculation of accruals and deferrals of the year
– EDI flow integration for electronic invoicing
– integration with corporate ERP, CPM and CRM plus import/export event schedule

– automatic data stream to budget & forecast platforms
– forecast analyses
– what-if simulations
– integration with the main business BI tools (Microsoft BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, etc.)

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