Recognise merit and lead your team
to achieve company goalslearn more

Recognise merit and lead your team
to achieve company goalslearn more

The comprehensive solution to manage the reward systems for employees and collaborators

Calculate, approve and issue bonuses and MBOs for the company’s staff of the different departments, all in just one place.

What to expect, instantly


Up to 90%
 operational errors


Shorter bonus
distribution time
from 2-3 weeks to 2-3 days


Creation of a
coordinated shared
and traceable process

Flexible logics
to meet
all needs

Build and customize plans at all steps: from the compensation model definition (for each person or for homogeneous clusters), to the set up of access conditions or to the calculation of bonuses with simple or compound indicators.

Integration with the company's ERP, HCM and PAYROLL systems

The software integrates perfectly well into traditional information systems and efficiently manages both input information flows (e.g. personal data, transactions, etc.) and the results of its processes towards corporate payroll, HCM or CPM systems.

Tracking and auditing
of variable

Each operation is tracked and associated within the system, to ensure due diligence for corporate audit purposes: from the initial economic transaction to the final approval of the incentive, and the consequent sending to the payroll system.

Strategic support
for budget and forecast assessments

Relevant economic values, such as those of the variable compensation of staff, are automatically sent to the broader company’s budget and forecast processes. In this way, a considerable amount of resources are freed to be used in more strategic business activities.

The latest case study

Some of the companies that have already chosen Akeron IC

A software that can satisfy
the requirements of all the departments involved



Is the variable compensation model challenging enough for the staff?

Are there common dynamics in staff’s performance?

Are the assigned quotas in line with the assigned budget?

Does staff have a clear idea of the meritocratic process?



How does current performance affect forecast?

Are there any structural dynamics not foreseen during the budget step?

How can I sort out costs and revenues by economic versus financial competence?

What are the economic competences generated by the proposals of the system?



What payout proposals do I need to manage today?

Can accrual be properly calculated?

What is the final statement of the cost centres moved by variable compensations?

Which external consultants’ invoices do I need to record today?

Detailed features

Data on how much each employee earns, as well as the relevant variable compensations, are collected by the system and are always available to authorised users. In this way, the necessary in-depth analysis for audit purposes is also guaranteed.

Each incentive plan (standard or contest for specific events) can be defined for a single beneficiary, as well as for one or more homogeneous clusters of collaborators. Each KPI can be suitably built in order to ensure total consistency with the reward criteria set by the management.

– calculation of costs and management of related maturities
– calculation of accruals and deferrals of the year
– registration and validation of consultants’ invoices
– integration with corporate ERP, payroll and CPM plus import/export event schedule

– automatic data stream to budget & forecast platforms
– forecast analyses
– what-if simulations
– integration the main business BI tools (Microsoft BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, etc.)

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