Optimise the management of all recurring passive contracts, one after the other

Optimise the management of all recurring passive contracts, one after the other

From first stipulation to renewal,
take control of the full cycle of each single contract.

Ensure efficient management of rental and leasing contracts for key company assets and services.
Control all processes and obligations derived from the contracts, and forget about how complex they may be.

What to expect, instantly


Up to 90% less
time to enter

a new contract


Up to 20% savings
on administrative


No more
unexpected maturities
or not estimated risks

Obligations and maturities are under control all the time

The system permits checking that all suppliers’ invoices are correct as well as the issuance and registration of invoices or credit notes to customers. Each obligation is managed by means of a reference schedule according to the terms and methods set by each and every contractual clause.

It provides an integrated vision on heterogeneous assets and multiple contractual forms

All the offices involved have access to a single management platform. Each contract is managed, at each stage, through a standardised and traceable workflow with each counterpart.

Automated calculation of economic impacts and accounting implications

In some companies, the total economic value of rental and leasing contracts can reach decisive amounts for the year-end statements. Akeron’s software can guide the budget & forecast processes through all these scenarios by calculating the related assets and liabilities.

Strategic support for risk assessment and compliance

The software guarantees adequate supervision of the risk components inherent to each contract in the system. Furthermore, through standardised interfaces and the availability of annexed documents, the software becomes the reference tool for monitoring contractual terms and individual SLAs.

The latest case study

Some of the companies that have already chosen Akeron CM

A software that can satisfy
the requirements of all the departments involved



What maturities do I have to manage today?

Does the supplier’s invoice correspond to what is contractually expected?

Is it necessary to evaluate again the expected and received taxable income?

Can accruals and deferrals be properly calculated?



What are the impacts of the rent renegotiations that have recently taken place?

Are there any structural dynamics not foreseen during planning?

Should the mix of rental goods be reconsidered in relation to those purchased?

What are the economic competences generated by the rental and leasing contracts in the system?



Are there any safeguard clauses concerning customer’s non-fulfilment?

What are the impacts of non-renewal?

What operational flow resulted from that audited contract?

Which contracts are subject to IFRS16? How were they managed?

Detailed features

All the rental and leasing contracts in just one place… and always available for the different offices involved.

Each contract managed by the system requires the timely and effective control of the periodic tasks according to its own characteristics, from the initial agreement to its termination.

A full range of contractual clauses and an efficient management, regardless of the nature of the contracted asset:
– real estate
– vehicles
– industrial machinery
– office equipment
– consultancy

– calculation of costs and revenues and related maturities
– calculation of accruals and deferrals of the year
– EDI flow integration for electronic invoicing
– integration with corporate ERP, CPM and CRM plus import/export event schedule

– automatic data stream to budget & forecast platforms
– forecast analyses
– what-if simulations
– integration the main business BI tools (Microsoft BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, etc.)

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