Akeron Sc


Akeron SC allows you to follow the entire process starting from the calculation of supply requirements to production and purchase planning and up until the scheduling of the production lines. The logistics network to be mapped in the system may be very complex, with various suppliers, multiple levels of production and multi - warehouses. Each production plant (both owned and contracted) can be organized on several stages, each of which schedulable with Akeron SC by means of semi finished products. Production can be planned and scheduled on final capacity, subject to availability of human resources and man line. The supply of raw materials can occur with both closed orders (purchase date) or open orders (purchase and subsequent recall date).
What makes the our proposal unique is the ability to handle all the S&OP processes within a single application environment with a clear rationalization of IT tools. Our proposal is modular, and therefore the individual areas of interest may be activated depending on the needs. Akeron Supply Chain allows in particular to:


Akeron SC offers the possibility to draw up the management/collection process of the sales demand in line with the characteristics of the market/product and to configure over time the area in relation to the logistics network, but also to provide to the planner a complete and final planning system. It also allows macro planning of productive resources and speeds up the response of the logistics system to the market. Furthermore it can calculate the daily demand of finished products by integrating the sales demand and the carry over depending on the logistics network.


The system allows to schedule the production of finished products, that is, the film production lines daily finite capacity, optimizing production resources and ensuring adequate coverage to date depending on the demand and stocks. It can check the cohesion between the schedule and the dynamic updating of the demand with an immediate view of the situation. Furthermore, it is possible to supervise the performance of the stock of the warehouse according to the purpose of the supply and simulate the logistic phenomena to verify the impacts it has on resources and on the stock.

Raw Materials

Akeron SC offers the possibility to calculate the demand of raw materials starting from the scheduling of finished and extended to the proposed schedule. It can also schedule the purchase of raw materials ensuring adequate coverage to date according to demand and supply. It is also possible to manage the delivery of raw materials based on recall plans depending on the scheduling of the finished products.



Key features and advantages


Reduction of the warehouse stocks, the incomplete to customers and setup times. Considerable time optimization of updates on the daily situation. And finally time saving of production and transport.


Reduction in calculation time and ease of analysis. Simplicity in execution of views segmented by type of criticality, complete functioning, simulation of environments. Easy to update logistic network changes and optimizing the efficiency of the resources used.


Product development, which is available to all clients, is always done with a clear determination to introduce into the product new cultural and functional features that the market requires. This is a multilingual application available in Italian, English and French.


It has a consolidated organizational/informative setup and therefore a quick activation and immediate return of investment.

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